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Kulman Gully Bench Project

Samuel Rutledge Jones

For the Kuhlman Gully Project the goal was to work with SEHTA to help transform a diamond in the rough into a welcoming and beautiful space that could be used for teaching, contemplation and meditation.  Creating a bench using the artifacts found in and around the gully, the idea is to start a dialog that will serve as a motivating step in helping the community see the beauty of Kuhlman Gully and take ownership in it’s care.

After researching and mapping the area, survey stakes and string were used to delineate 50 feet of the first section.  Then searching about one square yard at a time, every manmade artifact found was cataloged.  Using an Archeological App on a tablet, each artifact was treated with careful attention, photographing it in place, noting size, GPS coordinates, and other info before tweezing each piece into a numbered zip lock bag.  17 days later 50 feet of the north bank had been cleared and 1,317 items cataloged. Over the next month another 200 artifacts from other sections were collected, and the water was dragged with powerful magnets to discover other buried artifacts. 

Once at the studio, like objects and materials were grouped and sorted, and relationships were explored until the X, Y and Z axes of utility, beauty and meaning were met and the bench was born.

Kuhlman Gully Project

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