• 2013-09-30 07:27:21
    44.301011°N 11.884737°E 295 m

    1800 growers of fruit and vegetables. kiwi stone fruit.

    5000 tons of kiwi. 80 90 growers.

    Two sites. .. Here and Lavezzola

    packhouse is certified brc.

    Pempacorer is the organisation of the producers and Terremerse is the cooperative.

    kiwi started up in the mid 70s.

    psa.. bacterium. 90% of yellow kiwi had been wiped out. They live with it in Haywards. The effect of it on Hayward is reduced due to grower attention to irradication.
    The effect of the disease in the plant is to reduce yield and then it kills the plant.

    visual symptoms are lesions on the branches with a red weepy substance coming out of it.

    production and production averages this year seems to be medium to average.
    Good pollination this year as a result of good climate humidity and t this means good size and shape.

    orchards are classified in three levels according to dry matter Brix levels and pressure. 16or 17 dm is used to store for CA.
    They discourage hormone usage by penelising
    growers with very high large sizes.

    varieties: Green light, sorelli, gin tau, bo erika,

    trial: 10 boxes of mega. .. samples of sorelli too.

    nwf uses conference pears.
    apples. .. Cripps pink. .. Over 7kg pressure.

    melons. .. water melons 3.5kg plus mini rossa. astres available. ...mini to micro white seeds.

    nectarines. .. cling stone nectarines.

  • 2013-09-30 10:09:39
    green light Orchard.

    variety found in a Hayward orchards.

    7 to 1 female male ratio.

    3 to 4 years to production. lasting to 25 years.

    30 tons per ha target yield

    44.252408°N 11.890569°E 94 m

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